Grown up in the heart of Europe, in a small Village in Austria, painting has always been an important part of my life.
With painting I can relate to the environment in a special way and try to capture moments and moods, which often only appear for a moment.
It is also very important to me to recognize the special in the ordinary.
To see the everyday in a new light and to enjoy it.
Every painter has his own style in order to bring reality closer to the viewer from a different point of view.
The joy of looking at things, the environment, is the motivation for every new picture, for a new attempt to depict reality in its own way.
The viewer of the finished works then decides whether this attempt was successful.
The complexity of painting and the difficulties that arise, require me, to constantly work on improving my skills.
Dealing with the environment, but also the difficulty of capturing it in a work, result in a passion that motivates me to paint almost every day.